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About Us

Healthwatch was established in April 2013 and is the new consumer champion for health and social care in England giving children, young people and adults a powerful voice.

It exists at both national and local level: Healthwatch England and 148 local Healthwatch organisations.  Together they form the Healthwatch network, working closely to make sure public and patient views are represented locally and nationally.

The Healthwatch Gloucestershire Board consists of the Chair, Chief Executive, Healthwatch delivery partners CCP and Carers Gloucestershire and 9 members with specialist knowledge who represent the 6 districts of Gloucestershire.

What does Healthwatch do?

Download our leaflet here 

If you require this leaflet in an alternative format please contact the Healthwatch team on 0800 652 5193  

The aim of Healthwatch Gloucestershire is to give both citizens and local communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are commissioned and provided. It will:

  • Gather local people’s views on and experiences of health and social care. These will be passed on to those who plan and deliver our services in the county and Healthwatch England, to help them identify national trends. Click here for details on how to contact us.
  • Provide people with information and advice to help them make the right choice about health and social care through our information phone line and access to the County Council's newly refreshed Your Circle website.
  • Provide access to the Independent Health Complaints Advocacy Service, SEAP (Support, Empower, Advocate and Promote) who can help with making a complaint about NHS Services. Click here for further information.

Healthwatch Gloucestershire is not a group of people who only inspect premises and services. It does not performance manage health and social care services.  It is not a way to duplicate other networks or initiatives and neither is it self-appointed or unaccountable.  It is not a group of professional workers or a mechanism for the pursuit of personal or political agendas.