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You said, We did

Healthwatch has a statutory function to use your views and experiences to influence the planning and delivery of health and care services locally. We do this by collecting your feedback, identifying themes and trends and carrying out pieces of work to investigate issues further.

We use a variety of methods to look at an identified issue in more detail. These methods can include surveys, focus groups, task groups, ‘Enter and View’ visits and work with partner organisations, all supported by your views and experiences of services. 

We then produce a report with conclusions and recommendations which is sent out to the people who buy and run the service/s we have looked at. They have a period of 10 days to check the report for factual accuracy and then a further 20 days to provide us with a formal response to our recommendations, setting out the actions they plan to take to address them or providing us with more detail of what they are already doing in these areas.

As a result of our reports and work, areas of concern are highlighted and we can work with our partners in health and care to help make the necessary improvements and changes to improve your experience.

Below are examples of the work we have undertaken on your behalf in Gloucestershire.
If you would like to know more, please call us: 0800 652 5193