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Priority Projects

Our priorities for April 2022 – March 2023

Following analysis of public feedback to identify common issues and concerns, and consultation with local health and care partners about national and local priorities, this year, we will focus our work around the following areas and issues.

Health inequalities

The pandemic has shone a light on the impact of existing inequalities when using health and care services, highlighting the importance of championing the voices of those who all too often go unheard. We want to help reduce these inequalities by making sure your voice is heard, and decision makers reduce the barriers you face.

This year our work priorities will be focused on people rather than specific services. We will be looking to understand the health and care experiences of:

  • People living with autism
  • Refugees and asylum seekers
  • Young people with mental health issues.

The new Integrated Care System (ICS) & digital inclusion

The new Gloucestershire Integrated Care System (ICS) comes into power in July 2022. It’s more important than ever that we work with the public, the voluntary and community sector, and our health and care partners, to highlight people’s experiences and make sure the system acts on what they hear from local communities.

We have already helped help shape the ICS’s Working with People and Communities strategy which aims to bring people to the heart of health and care service design and delivery. We will continue to support this work going forward and, this year, we will deliver a project for the ICS on digital inclusion.

Face-to-face feedback in the community

As Covid restrictions have eased, we will be stepping up our work getting out and about in the community, talking to people face-to-face about their health and care experiences. This work will be supported by our volunteers.

  • Enter & View visits: We will visit some publicly funded health and care premises, such as GP surgeries and care homes, to see them in action and to gather people’s feedback. We might speak to patients, residents, members of the public, staff, and family members.
  • Community events and venues: We will speak to people at key events and community settings throughout the year, finding out what issues matter most to you, what you think about health and care services in Gloucestershire, and what improvements you would like to see.

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