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Priority Projects

Our priorities for April 2021 – March 2022

Following analysis of public feedback to identify common issues and concerns, and consultation with local health and care partners about national and local priorities, we will be investigating the following areas of health and social care this year.

Young people’s health and care services

We want to make sure that children and young people from across the county get the opportunity to directly influence the services that they use.  We are recruiting and training a group of volunteer ‘Young Listeners’ aged 16-24, to design and deliver the project.  They will be talking to other young people about their experiences of health and social care services and gathering their ideas for change and improvement.  We will support them to have their voice heard by those responsible for health and care in Gloucestershire.

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Digital health care

In 2020, the use of digital technology as a tool to deliver health and care increased enormously.  This ranges from GP Practices using a ‘digital front door’ for booking appointments, consulting with patients and administering prescriptions, to the use of digital technology in diagnostics and ongoing care.  We know that digital options will be used increasingly in the future of health and care.

We want to understand how digital technology can be used well to support people’s health and wellbeing, so we will look at digital health in a number of areas.  We will speak to patients and NHS staff to understand, for example, whether the technology is easy to use, whether it is effective as a health intervention, and how people feel about using it. We will also consider how the increased use of digital technology impacts on health inequalities, for example, for people without the means or skills to make the best use of the services available.

Social care

Many people contact us about their experiences of social care.  They tell us about difficulties in navigating the complex world of social care provision, and sometimes about the poor care that they or their loved ones receive.  We want to find out more about local people’s experiences of social care, so that we understand what good care looks like, and we will take our findings to the commissioners and providers of care services.

We will be reaching out to people who use care services at home as well as to care providers.  Focusing on Care at Home Services, we will be asking how easy it is to access care, how well it is delivered, and what it feels like to receive this care.  As COVID-19 restrictions allow, we will also run a programme of Enter & View visits to Gloucestershire care homes.

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