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Your experience of GP care

GP feedback fortnight

Your experiences of GP care in Gloucestershire

Between 23 November and 6 December 2020, we ran a campaign ‘GP feedback fortnight’, to encourage Gloucestershire residents to share their experiences and views about access to GP services in the county.  We wanted to find out what works well and where there are areas for improvement which health care providers need to know about.

We investigated four key areas, identified from previous public feedback about GP care in the county.

  • Access to GP appointments: How people make GP appointments, how easy this is and whether it has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Use of technology: What technology people are using to access appointments with their GP and other GP services such as prescriptions, and how well this works for them.
  • Attitude of surgery staff: How people’s experience is affected by the way they are treated by surgery staff.
  • Access to quality information: We will also review the quality of information provided by GP surgeries, to assess how easy it is for members of the public to find and how useful it is.

We gathered feedback through an online survey, focus group discussions, one-to-one interviews, and social media polls.  We are currently analysing the data and will publish our report in early 2021.