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Young Listeners

Meet Jessica…

Our Youth Engagement Officer

Making health and care better for young people

We are working on a new project that brings young people together to share feedback and ideas on how Gloucestershire’s health and care system could work better for young people. We want to make sure that children and young people from across the county can directly influence the health and social care services that they use.

What is it like to be a young person using health and social care services in Gloucestershire?

To help answer this, we are recruiting and training a group of volunteer Young Listeners aged 16 to 24, to talk to other young people about their experiences of health and care services – the good and the bad – and their thoughts on how these services could do things differently.

Our Young Listeners will work with young people in environments where they feel comfortable and confident to express themselves, for example through schools, sports clubs and youth clubs.  They will ask questions and listen to what young people have to say.  They will record this feedback to share with those who make decisions about how to develop and improve services in Gloucestershire.

Areas of investigation

We aim to engage with a wide range of young people to gather their experiences of using health and social care services generally, and we will explore some areas and issues more specifically.

Our Young Listeners will help plan and design this project to make sure we explore the issues that are important to young people. Based on our previous work and feedback, we expect some of the following areas may be investigated.

  • Young people’s experiences of moving between children and adult health and care services.
  • Waiting times to access children and young people’s mental health services.
  • Accessing mental health support through GP surgeries.
  • Whether young people feel listened to/taken seriously.
  • Grievance support and how to access this.

How to get involved

Become a Young Listener

We are currently recruiting young volunteers aged 16-24 from across Gloucestershire to help us design the project and to become a trained Young Listener.  It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and to get real world experience (which looks great on your CV), not just in the health and care sector, but also in interviewing, leadership, engagement, creativity and much more.

Find out more about the Young Listener role, fill in our online form to let us know you’re interested in volunteering, or contact us to talk about it.

Work with us

If you work with young people, for example in a school, a youth sports team or for a youth club or group, we would love to hear from you and to talk about how we can work together on this project.

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For more information:

Phone: 01452 504989
Contact: Jessica Bush, Healthwatch Gloucestershire Youth Engagement Officer
Email: jessica.bush@healthwatchgloucestershire.co.uk