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Reports & Publications

Our most recent publications

A library of Healthwatch Gloucestershire’s publications for download 

These include our project reports, e-bulletins and leaflets relating to health and care services in Gloucestershire.  Copies in accessible formats can be made available upon request, please contact us.

Our Reports

Our published reports from 1 April 2017 to view and download.

Championing what matters to you: Healthwatch Gloucestershire Annual Report 2021-22
A review of our work over the past year and its impact, plus our work planned for 2022-23.
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – June 2022

People’s experiences of blood pressure monitoring at home
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – May 2022

Promoting the voices of the Deaf community in Gloucestershire
Working with the Care Quality Commission to tackle inequalities in health and social care
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – May 2022

Young Listeners Project: How would young people improve the health and care services they use?
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – March 2022

What do the Student Union Team at National Star College think of health and care services aimed at young people?
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – March 2022

Post-COVID syndrome: People’s experiences of health care and support in Gloucestershire
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – March 2022

Let’s talk about social isolation and loneliness in Gloucestershire
1. Full report
2. Summary
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – September 2021

Hospital discharge in Gloucestershire: Local people’s experiences
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – July 2021

On equal terms – then and now: Healthwatch Gloucestershire Annual Report 2020-21
A review of our work and its impact for 2020-21 and our plans over the next year.
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – June 2021

Accessing care through GP Practices in Gloucestershire
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – February 2021

Living with a long-term health condition in COVID-19: What local people told us
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – December 2020

Gloucestershire health and social care: Six months of COVID-19: What local people told us
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – November 2020

Experiences of urgent mental health care in A&E: A Gloucestershire perspective
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – October 2020 (updated November 2020)

Dental services during COVID-19: Difficulties and delays in accessing dental care in Gloucestershire
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – September 2020

Care during COVID-19: A carers perspective
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – September 2020

Impact Report 2020
A review of our work and its impact for 2019-20 and our plans over the next year.
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – June 2020

Experience of mental health services in Gloucestershire: A carers perspective
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – January 2020

Exploring the views of Gloucestershire people on mental health services in the county
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – October 2019

NHS Long Term Plan: The views of Gloucestershire residents
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – July 2019

Impact Report 2019
A review of our work and its impact for 2018-19 and our plans over the next year.
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – June 2019

End of Life Report
Evaluation of non-clinical support
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – November 2018

Food & Families Project
Views of residents on the Podsmead estate in Gloucester about their food choices and options.
Evolving Communities | Healthwatch Gloucestershire – September 2018

Impact Report 2018
The Annual Report outlines the impact of our work.
Healthwatch Gloucestershire – June 2018

Our Leaflets and other publications

These are published either by us or partner organisations, and relate to areas of Healthwatch Gloucestershire’s work to view and download:

Healthwatch Gloucestershire and our work – Leaflet, October 2017

How you can volunteer with Healthwatch Gloucestershire Leaflet, October 2017

What’s it like to live in a care home? Findings from the Healthwatch Network
Healthwatch England – August 2017

Every Complaint Matters Briefing
Healthwatch England – March 2016

An Overview of the Legal Requirements for a Local Healthwatch
Healthwatch England – August 2013

Healthwatch Gloucestershire Archive

Publications completed up to 31 March 2017 by the previous service provider (GRCC) are listed below.  Please contact us to request a PDF version to be emailed to you.

Annual Report 2016/17

Hospital Discharge Task Group Report – review of progress March 2017
Following the Task Group report in November 2015, Healthwatch had made a number of recommendations to the NHS and social care services in Gloucestershire.  This is the report a review conducted in 2016 to determine the extent of adoption of recommendations.

Maintaining good mental health and wellbeing in children and young people – March 2017
Healthwatch Gloucestershire listened to children and young people from schools, colleges and universities; young carers, youth group members, young people who had experienced homelessness, and young people who had been involved with the youth justice system.

Access to health and support services by the Trans community and their families – March 2017
Healthwatch Gloucestershire gathered views and experiences of transgender or non-binary people and their families across the county, to fulfil its function in enabling all people living in Gloucestershire to have a voice in the way that health and social care services are planned and delivered.

Young people’s access to GPs – March 2017
Healthwatch Gloucestershire decided to conduct a survey to gather feedback from young people aged 13 to 19 about the services that are on offer and how they feel about them.

Patient survey: access to non-urgent GP appointments – February 2017
Healthwatch Gloucestershire receives a substantial amount of feedback from the public relating to access to non-urgent GP appointments. It was decided to look into this issue in more depth, by way of a survey.

Access to NHS dental services and diabetes care for care home residents – October 2016
In response to feedback received by Healthwatch Gloucestershire about access to NHS dental services and diabetes care for residents of Gloucestershire care homes, a survey was conducted to gather further information from care home managers.

Access to health and social care services by marginalised and vulnerable people – September 2016
During 2015/16, the impact of the of the day centre closure at the Vaughan Centre.  To find out about what people had valued about the day centre, and learn more about their experiences of health and social care since its closure, Healthwatch Gloucestershire visited daytime drop-in facilities in Gloucester and gathered feedback from people using these services, and also from staff and volunteers.

User experience of support planning for people with a learning disability – June 2016
Gloucestershire County Council invited Healthwatch Gloucestershire to undertake a quality-check of the ‘Customer Journey’ relating to people’s experience of support planning for those with a learning disability.

Hospital Discharge Task Group Report – November 2015
The subject of discharge from hospital had been raised with Healthwatch Gloucestershire by patients, their families and carers and a Task Group was established to investigate the situation.

Podiatry and Foot Care Services Task Group Report – September 2015
The Healthwatch Gloucestershire Podiatry Task Group was formed to review the services available for podiatry and foot care and to report back its findings.

Patient Transport Task Group Report 2014/15
The Healthwatch Gloucestershire Patient Transport Task Group was set up in May 2014.  Its purpose was to review a previous report on this topic, identify any ongoing issues or new issues received, and make recommendations to the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group as commissioners and Arriva as providers, in order to improve service user experience.

Access to services for patients with Fibromyalgia and ME – October 2014
The work took the form of a survey and a focus group workshop for people living with Fibromyalgia and ME, assessing whether recommendations made in a 2011 report had
been implemented and if access to services and information with respect to Fibromyalgia and
ME had improved since June 2011.

Enter & View Reports:

  • Knightstone Lodge Care Home, Cheltenham  – November 2016
  • Using the emergency department at Gloucester Royal and Cheltenham General hospitals – August 2016
  • Parton House Care Home, Churchdown – July 2016
  • Dementia care – community hospitals – March 2016
  • Dementia care – acute hospitals – February 2016
  • Non-emergency patient transport services – January 2016 

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