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Why Volunteer?

From the satisfaction of helping to shape local health and social care services, to learning new skills and meeting new people, volunteering offers so many rewards.

Discover the benefits of volunteering with us

The many benefits of volunteering

Meet new people

Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded people. Either at our office in Gloucester, at health and social care events or out and about in the local community, volunteering will help you connect with people, gain confidence and make new friends.

Skills & training

Volunteering offers a unique chance to learn new skills whilst doing something you enjoy. We will offer you full training and personal development opportunities, which could help you work towards future employment or even a new career.

Give something back

Whatever your background or your own experience with local health and social care services, offering your time and skills to support our work could make a real difference in your local community and offer you the chance to give something back.

Health & wellbeing

Whilst volunteering is good for your local community, it is also good for your health. Recent research has shown that doing a good deed for others leads to improved physical health and increased feelings of emotional wellbeing.

Routine & structure

Volunteering offers routine and structure in an informal and friendly setting. It offers you the chance to fill your time productively whilst fitting around your personal and social commitments. You are always in control of your time.

Recognition & reward

Volunteers like you make an amazing contribution to our work and we aim to recognise and reward this contribution with invitations to social events alongside paid staff and individual recognition for outstanding performance in a volunteering role.

Support & supervision

Our dedicated Volunteer and Engagement team is committed to supporting you in your volunteering role by offering you training and supervision as well as a named contact who you can reach out to for support if you need it.

Tools & resources

From our new online Volunteer Portal with up to date policies and procedures, to a comprehensive volunteer handbook and welcome pack. We offer our volunteers access to the tools and resources they need to carry out their roles effectively.

Out-of-pocket expenses

We believe that volunteers should not be left out of pocket or put at risk of being financially worse off as a result of volunteering. We will reimburse you for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (e.g. travel expenses) which you may incur while volunteering for us.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about volunteering with us, our team will be more than happy to help.

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Volunteer Roles

Whether you can spare a little bit of time or a lot, we’d love to welcome you into our team. You can view our volunteering opportunities here.

Interested in volunteering?

If you’re thinking about volunteering with us, filling in the short form on this website is your next step. It’s easy and there’s no obligation.

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