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Young Healthwatch Gloucestershire

Are you aged between 14 and 25?

Have you used health and social care services?

This could be a visit to your GP, dentist, hospital or even a meeting with a social worker.

What did you think about your experience?

Would you like to help make services better for young people?

If so, we would love to hear from you.


We want to help young people have their voices heard

We are looking for young people to help us set up a young people-focused Healthwatch.  The set up will involve everything from name, logo, leaflets and webpage.

We want to make sure that the views of young people in Gloucestershire are making positive changes in the health and social care services that they use.  Young people are more likely to engage with other young people so our Young Healthwatch Volunteers will strengthen their voice. 

We will:

  • Listen to the views of young people
  • Represent the views of young people
  • Use unique and creative ways to engage and involve young people
  • Inform young people about health and social care services
  • Include young people in our work

We want to meet with young people to ask them about their views on health and social care.  This is the very start of a process aimed at making sure that young people’s voices are heard as part of our work.  We also want to know how we can best reach young people and how they would like to receive information.

Find out more

We would like you to send us some information about yourself and tell us why you are interested in volunteering for Healthwatch.  You can send us your application in any format.


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