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Healthwatch Gloucestershire Local voices improving local health and social care

Thank You!

As we approach the end of our contract for Healthwatch Gloucestershire on the 31st March, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us, worked with us and represented us over the past four years.
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GCC announce New Healthwatch Gloucestershire provider

Gloucestershire County Council have announced the new provider for Gloucestershire's local Healthwatch service from April 2017.
Full details here.

Message to members, from Evolving Communities CIC

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Hospital Discharge review

Review on the progress that local NHS and social care services have made in improving arrangements for people leaving hospital. 
Click here to find out more and to download the report.

Mental health and wellbeing in young people report 

Report on maintaining good mental health and wellbeing in children and young people. 
Click here to find out more and to download the report.

Young Person's access to GPs report 

Report to young person's access to GPs. 
Click here to find out more and to download the report.

Access to services by the Trans community report

Report on access to health and support services by the Trans community and their families. Click here to find out more and to download the report.

Access to Dental and Diabetes Care for Care Home Residents report

Report on access to NHS Dental Services and Diabetes Care for Care home Residents. Click here to find out more and to download the report.

Open Consultations

  • National Consultations: To view national consultations currently open from different health and care organisations, please visit the Healthwatch England website here 

Flu Free Campaign

The NHS in Gloucestershire has launched a Flu Free Campaign, urging at-risk groups to protect themselves with a free flu jab.

Find out more, including access to three short information videos, by clicking here.

c-App: Disability Benefit Support Apps

seAp have launched a web-app that helps people through the medical assessment process for ESA (Employment and Support Allowance) and PIP (Personal Independence Payment).
For more information, please visit the website and Facebook page

Illness or injury?
Get health advice ASAP


The ASAP website and App allow users to 'Search by Service' or 'Search by Condition' - providing a step-by-step guide through symptoms, self-care and signposting to the appropriate NHS service/s - also find opening hours and service location info.

Add the website to your favourites, download the App free (ASAP Glos NHS).
Follow the campaign on social media - Facebook: ASAP Gloucestershire NHS and Twitter: @ASAPGlosNHS

For more information about the services that pharmacies can offer, click here.

What is Gloucestershire's Sustainability & Transformation Plan?

In line with the Five Year Forward View for the NHS, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG) have been developing their local five-year Sustainability and Transformation Plan for Gloucestershire, which is currently in outline form. It describes their overall approach to achieving an improved and more sustainable health and care system.

To find out more, click here.


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